Women sexual health and why it matters

Talking about women’s sexual health may seem to be a discomfort to many. Nobody thinks that woman’s sexual health is worth the discussion. In most scenarios, the woman is seen as an object to please the man. Yes, every woman desire’s to be in a state where she can fully participate in and enjoy sexual activities, this describes sexual health. Thus sexuality is an essential part of women’s life. 

Women’s bodies react differently when it comes to sexuality. Some start thinking about sex early before puberty. While others think of it in later times. Some women can’t wait to explore their sexuality, they will have sex at an early age even though they are advised to wait until the right time. Other women decide not to engage in sexual activities- that is still normal.

Though it might be considered taboo, sex has a lot of benefits for women. But for many women, sex requires a deep attachment between them and their partner. The sexual organs, mind, and body must connect.

Why it matters

Do women have a right to decide on their sexuality? Do they have the freedom to choose how to express themselves sexually? Many times their desires are overlooked. Some women have no say in their sexuality, their partners exploit them, and society decides for them.  

What about when it comes to sexual satisfaction? Do women know what it means to be satisfied sexually? It is crucial to understand your body, know what works for you, and what enjoying sexual activities means for you to make better choices.  

Women’s sexual health also includes pregnancy and contraception. A woman should have the right to decide whether or not to carry a pregnancy. They should be allowed to choose when to become pregnant though that is not what happens. Their partners decide for them while others become pregnant from unfortunate events like rape.  

Contraception is also a crucial part of sexual women in women. Understanding contraception methods, how contraceptives work, and how they react to their bodies. 

Sexual health is important because it ensures that a woman understands sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS, gonorrhoea, and syphilis. They will be able to take preventive measures to protect their sexual health. 

Maintaining a healthy sex life is a good idea for every woman. Sex is a normal, healthy activity that activates your body and mind. Healthy sex lowers stress, creates intimacy with your partner, and increases your libido. Sexual health matters to women because it allows them to express their feminism. It is your responsibility as a woman to take care of your sexuality. This means speaking up when your sexual rights are violated, leaving an abusive relationship that is exploiting you, and ensuring your sexual reproductive organs are healthy. 


Charity Nyambura is an advocate of women's wellness and a voice for gender equality. She graduated from Egerton University with a Degree in Gender and Development studies.

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