Woman: What’s your health style?

Woman: What’s your health style?

What is your stand as a woman when it comes to health style? Do you consider yourself a wellness guru? Are you just trying? Or just there without a health plan? I know most women desire a healthy lifestyle. We have health goals that we would like to achieve, but living those expectations is always a big issue. There will be days you feel like you have all put together and are ready to live well. On other days you do not think much about a healthy lifestyle. 

Many women know what to do to achieve a healthy style. We talk of going to the gym, walking, swimming, eating well, and getting enough sleep. We are working on them. Though not there yet, we know that the way to a healthy lifestyle.

But that’s not all we can do, there are some actions that we do not concentrate on that can lead us to a healthy lifestyle. We have outlined those measures in this article. 

  • Annual body checkup

When was the last time to go to a doctor for a check-up? I mean going to the hospital even when you don’t feel ill. It just doesn’t feel ideal to schedule medical appointments without illness. We wait until when we feel sick. But scheduling annual body checkups is beneficial to your health. Some people carry sicknesses that have no symptoms. How is it to live a life knowing that your doctor confirmed that all is well with your body? An early diagnosis can save you from serious medical complications if that is not enough. 

It’s time you plan an appointment with a doctor. Let the doctor know how you are and what you want to achieve. Creating a good relationship with a doctor helps you plan to reach your health goals. You get advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle. You also get a chance to review your progress. 

  • Learn how to manage stress

Women are under pressure to meet society’s expectations. Taking care of family, friends, and work is overwhelming and stressful. If stress is not managed it can cause health conditions in women such as depression and anxiety, heart problems, obesity, pregnancy issues, and menstrual problems.

We cannot avoid stressful moments, but we can learn coping techniques. Practising healthy self-care routines can help you manage stress. For instance, avoid taking alcohol and too much coffee when stressed. Instead, you can take a long bath or read a book. Also, learn how to speak out about your feelings. Do not internalize them. 

Know what will work for you because every woman is different. The most important thing is to identify the root cause of your stress. 

  • Have a skincare routine

Healthy skin boosts our confidence. We feel beautiful when our skin is flawless. Have a healthy skincare routine. There are some little things you can do to take care of your skin like; applying sunscreen, wearing long sleeves, wearing sunglasses, and putting on hats on sunny days. 

Be cautious of pests and insects that cause diseases when they get into contact with your skin. Mosquitoes, for instance, cause malaria. Ensure you sleep under the treated mosquito net, and wear bugs spray. 

  • Put away your phone

I know this is difficult for everybody. Keeping our phones far from us. We don’t want to miss out on what is happening around us. But, catching up with everyone’s updates causes too much unnecessary stress. Start by deleting some apps on your phone. It will reduce the updates you receive through those apps. Avoid using your phone when you are driving, eating, and when feeding a baby.

When you practice these four steps consistently, you will be able to achieve a healthy style. 



Charity Nyambura is an advocate of women's wellness and a voice for gender equality. She graduated from Egerton University with a Degree in Gender and Development studies.

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