From weariness to an amazing woman

What does it mean to become an amazing woman? Can that become a reality in today’s world? Maybe you are asking wondering how you can come out from weariness to an amazing woman. An amazing woman is a woman who is true to herself, beautiful inside and out, loves herself, and treats herself well. She carries herself with dignity knowing that she is special and worthy. 

The first step in the journey of becoming an amazing woman is to change your mindset of how you perceive yourself. It is all in your mind. How do you view yourself? Be positive about who you are, believe in your abilities, and appreciate yourself. How do you dress? The way you dress communicates how you view yourself. Be courageous and look yourself in the mirror, do you like what you see? If you feel you need to change something, do it because it is the small things that matter. 

Next, check on what you are eating because our bodies contribute highly to your energy levels. Ensure you are eating healthy diets in your meals to keep your body energized. Don’t overindulge in unhealthy food like junk and avoid alcohol and other substances that affect your health. 

Give yourself a break whenever you feel drained and overwhelmed. Learn to accept no when the body tells you no. Respect how you feel and be aware of those feelings. Take it slow, don’t overwhelm your mind but let your body drive you. Learn how to give yourself enough time to avoid running late. The feeling of running late or getting out of time creates unnecessary tension for women. Time management is always a problem for women since they find themselves doing many things at the same time. 

Ensure you get enough sleep. Train your body to sleep and wake up at the same time. Sleep helps to restore and refresh your body therefore you need to have a bedtime routine. Take some exercises. They will help your body to keep active and increase blood circulation. A 20-minute walk can bring significant benefits to your body. Smile and be happy, and learn how to reconnect with yourself. Don’t get stuck forcing your body to do what it cannot do. Relax, take it slow and know that you matter as a woman. Being a woman means treating yourself right so that you may treat others right.


Charity Nyambura is an advocate of women's wellness and a voice for gender equality. She graduated from Egerton University with a Degree in Gender and Development studies.

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