Hacking Motherhood

Hacking Motherhood

Motherhood can indeed be complicated. But there are those women who love every bit of motherhood. Juggling work, kids, and housework can be a struggle and overwhelming. Even with all those many tasks, you can still enjoy motherhood. I agree there is so much pressure for you to be calm, loving, engaging, strong, creative, and happy to be considered a good mom. As you figure out how to meet all those expectations, it is easier that you don’t find the joy of motherhood.

In this article, we give you some tips on how to enjoy motherhood. 

  •    Set your Priorities 

As a parent, what do you consider important to you? When you set a clear priority, you focus your attention and time on that task. You can prioritize being present with your babies. Meaning you will be there to care for and support your kids. If that is what you desire, delegate other duties to someone else to spend more time with your kids. Establishing specific priorities will help you make choices that support them. You can list several priorities and then tick the most important ones. 

  • Accept every situation

If you want to love the motherhood journey, accept that it will not be easy all the time. You will encounter challenging moments that are normal, but you will also have moments that bring joy, peace, and happiness. If you only concentrate on the challenges, you will not be able to see the sweet moments. 

  • Don’t be hard on yourself

Some moms are so hard on themselves trying to be perfect. Nobody is perfect in this journey, we are all learning. Be easy on yourself and take it slow. Don’t focus on your mistakes and don’t leave on guilt. Appreciate yourself for every small achievement you have made as a mother. Know that you are doing what you can for your kids. Forgive yourself even when you feel you made a mistake. 

  • Have a support system 

A support system is vital for a mom to encourage and help whenever in need. It will help you to love motherhood when you know that you have people whom you can depend on especially in difficult times. Your support can include your spouse, relatives, and friends. You can also join a motherhood support group on online platforms such as Facebook. The online groups will help you learn from other mothers’ experiences and even encourage you. 

  • Know what works for you 

What are your strengths? I believe you have observed how other moms bring ups their children. Maybe there is a thing that you admire from them and you would like to try that. Let me remind you that every mother is different. What works for them, may not work for you. The most important thing is to identify what works for you and do it. Society may have a set of rules for motherhood, but at the end of the day, you have your journey. Celebrate your strengths and efforts. 

  • Be attentive to your kids

Learn to listen to your kids, it will give you a lot of joy. The sweet things that children say to us can excite motherhood. These small things count when it comes to motherhood. Sometimes you need to start the conversation with your kids. Know what is going on in their lives by asking questions like; how they have been, how school was, and what they liked about the day. Enjoy being with them and create your fun.

Motherhood is a journey that can be complicated. You learn when you get into it. Events keep on unfolding, sometimes you are happy others you are sad. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and at others you are motivated. With all the ups and downs you can still find ways to love motherhood.  



Charity Nyambura is an advocate of women's wellness and a voice for gender equality. She graduated from Egerton University with a Degree in Gender and Development studies.

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