Women Insecurity: How to overcome self-esteem issues

Women Insecurity: How to overcome self-esteem issues

As a woman, are you proud of yourself? Do you appreciate who you are? Do you wait on people to validate you? If you can’t answer those questions at ease, it’s time to check on your self-esteem. 

Self-esteem is your opinion of yourself. The ability to be confident about who you are. 

I know woman today is under pressure to look beautiful according to how the world is describing beauty. If your appearance doesn’t meet the beauty “description”, you dislike yourself to an extent of changing how you look. 

But a woman is supposed to be confident about herself regardless of how society portrays her. She is not dependent on anyone to make her feel good about herself because it is supposed to come from herself. A confident woman knows her strength and abilities and believes in what she does. Ready to work on her weaknesses to improve her self-worth. 

When a woman is intimidated by other women and feels inferior, she needs to work on her self-regard. If she lives wishing to be someone else, feeling bad about herself, and also hard on herself, she does not have healthy self-esteem. 

ways on how to work on your esteem

Don’t worry if you suffer from low self-esteem. You can work on it. The following self-care practices will help you raise your self-esteem. 

  • Be kind to yourself

Start by loving yourself. Accept who you are and avoid being hard on yourself. In addition, learn how to appreciate yourself. You can do this by celebrating your small achievements. But avoid self-criticism and instead say positive things about yourself.

  • Associate with positive people

It is time to examine the people whom you associate with. Your company influences your beliefs. Associate with positive people-those who make you feel positive about yourself. We have seen women body shaming their fellow women and bringing them down instead of lifting them. Ensure you are not in a company of people who brings you down. 

  • Self Improvement

Work on making yourself better than you are. Which area do you need to improve? Where do you need growth? Identify all those areas knowing that you do not have to be perfect-nobody is perfect.  Maybe the problem is your weight. Work on by exercising and checking your diet. Empower yourself through reading books. Being neat will also improve your confidence. 

  • Focus on what you are good at

When you pay more attention to what you are good at, you are eventually not bothered by your weakness. Do the things you enjoy often. 

  • Learn how to say no

 Learning to say no is crucial for a woman. Many times their rights are violated. As a woman, set boundaries and let people know when they hurt you. 

  • Focus on your happiness

Women are natural caregivers. They will ensure everyone around them is happy but forget their happiness. Make yourself happy without relying on other people to make you happy. You know what works for you. 

  • Identify your purpose

 Discover your purpose because we were all created for a reason. When you discover who you are, you understand that you are different and unique from other people. Recognize your potential and talents and work on them. 

Self-esteem determines your productivity, performance and motivation. Therefore work on having healthy esteem to be the woman you desire the world to know. Remember that you are beautiful, unique and capable of achieving your goals. 


Charity Nyambura is an advocate of women's wellness and a voice for gender equality. She graduated from Egerton University with a Degree in Gender and Development studies.

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