Loving me, Do love me

Loving me, Do love me

Can you confidently say ” I love me”? Are those three letter words hard for you to declare? If you can say them, do you mean them? I know many women for a long time have struggled with accepting and embracing who they are. They have let people ruin their self-esteem with their negative thoughts.
People dictate what beauty and this affects women because we all want to be admirable. If you don’t fit that category depending on your physical appearance, it is hard to say “I love me”. Many women have been labelled “clumpy” due to their body appearances.
People will call you a fat woman and you just keep it to yourself. You have no confidence to speak out and say no to those humiliating words. What happens when you keep those insults inside you, they eat you and destroy your self-worth.
So many women have been discriminated against for their skin colour worldwide. People have no clue what women go through because of those unkind words. Many people think it’s funny to body shame a woman.
Some women cannot go close to a mirror. They hate the image they see through the mirror. People’s comments and opinions about what they look like keep playing in their minds.
Sometimes we are tempted to change our appearances to be accepted and loved by people. Many women have changed the colour of their skins. Others have gone through painful surgeries to achieve an ideal body shape. We put our lives at risk because we cannot understand why we aren’t loved like the “beautiful” girls.
Since people don’t care about our hurting women and describing them as “ugly”, there is something you can do to love yourself.

First, be positive about yourself and believe you are enough. Listen no more to people’s opinions about yourself. Their opinions don’t matter to you. Don’t be negative about yourself, but learn how to appreciate yourself. Be kind to who you are. Maybe you cannot control what people think and say about you, but you can control what it makes you feel. Girl!, don’t let it bring you down.

If people say you are ugly, see yourself as beautiful. Replace the negative comments with positive thoughts. Enjoy your time alone if you feel isolated. Embrace yourself and start living your life. You will be surprised how much joy and peace you experience after loving yourself.

The other thing you can do is to accept that we are all created differently. Accept your body size, colour, shape, and everything about you. Don’t try to change anything about you because of People’s opinions. Interestingly, people close to you dictate what you should be like and what you should wear. Shut all those views. Look yourself in the mirror and accept your looks.

Do the things that you enjoy doing. It will bring positive energy to you. You will appreciate who you are and your talents. It takes your focus out of the negative things. Engaging in an enjoyable activity will motivate you to achieve your goals and improve on the things you can change.
Be confident, enjoy life, and love yourself.


Charity Nyambura is an advocate of women's wellness and a voice for gender equality. She graduated from Egerton University with a Degree in Gender and Development studies.

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